Toros Agri accepts human resources as its most precious asset, as the fundamental element of sustainable growth and builds its human resources strategy on this understanding. The company applies an effective human resources program both to enhance the employees’ internal satisfaction and to make the utmost use of human capital.

Being aware that major achievements can only be won by team work, Toros Agri takes steps to ensure its employees shall pull together and actively involved in company’s management. Toros Agri also develops mechanisms that shall trigger the employees’ creative forces and attributes importance to personal development by investing into professional training and development programs.

The company, shaping its operations in line with environmental sensitivity to leave a more livable world to future generations, takes measures to develop environmental awareness among employees.

Believing that its employees constitute its most valuable asset, Toros Agri has been implementing advanced human resources practices on its journey of investment in people. Having received the “Standard” accreditation of “Investors in People” (IIP), a human management model of global standards including over 35 thousand organizations in 75 countries, Toros Agri is the first company accredited by IIP in the agricultural sector in Turkey.