Toros and Social Responsibilty

Toros Agri as the largest corporation in the sector, does not only feel responsible to provide quality inputs to the Turkish farmer, but at the same time conducts social responsibility projects involving development of the Turkish agriculture in general, improving the life standards of the agricultural sector and improving the educational infrastructure in the regions that it operates.

Toros Agri, with the underlying belief that success will grow not only with business successes but also social sharing, seeks to inform farmers on better farming practices since its establishment, hence increasing productivity and their level of wealth, and with this aim prioritizes training and awareness studies. It transfers its know-how to the public via various publications, documentaries and TV programs, and supports Turkish Agriculture through cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture and universities.

During the studies, while Toros Agri addresses the problems of the agriculture sector in Turkey, it supports different projects to offer better conditions for agricultural workers.

Toros Agri, feeling responsible to the society for its every activity, accepts creating added value for the public a priority by spreading social responsibility understanding to its business models and social stakeholders.