Toros Agri attends Lean Summit

The Lean Summit, hosted by the Lean Institute with the motto of "bringing together professionals that think and act lean and make a difference for themselves and society", was held on December 2-3 in Istanbul. This year marked the ninth edition of the conference, which hosted a rich experience with 54 speakers and more than 800 participants from 38 firms. Experienced and high-profile speakers attending from virtually all sectors explained the milestones of the last two decades, their success stories and their goals for the future. Toyota Engineering Corporation Founder and Chairman Toshio Horikiri, keynote speaker of the summit, shared his insights into the future in light of his experiences, in a talk that generated a great deal of interest from the participants.

Toros Agri tells the story of its lean journey

Attending the summit for the second time, Toros Agri participated with a team of 34 people, from the headquarters and businesses. In addition, this was the first time Toros Agri contributed to the conference with presentations. Tekfen Holding Agri-Industry Vice President Hakan Göral made a presentation titled "The Journey of Management towards Lean Management" on December 2, telling the story of why such a transformation was needed and what challenges were faced - overcome - in the process.

On December 3, Corporate Lean Production Manager Umut Zorlu talked about the operational steps taken to achieve this transformation with his presentation titled "Toros Agri's Lean Transformation". Zorlu explained, with real-life examples, which areas progress was made in from day one and how the company honed its lean skills.

The team participating in the conference on behalf of Toros Agri had the opportunity to see the lean journeys of firms from various sectors, and achieve new perspectives as to how to do things differently in order to further enhance Toros Agri's progress in the future.