The “Industry Stewardship Champion” Award goes to Toros Agri for the second time

Toros Agri, the “Industry Stewardship Champion” of the International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA) in 2019, has been given this award for a second time in 2020 due to its high performance in occupational health and safety, environmental management and energy efficiency. Toros Agri will continue to set an example for fertilizer producers worldwide with its practices in the field of sustainability.

The “Industry Stewardship Champion” program, initiated by the International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA) in 2019 for the purpose raising the occupational health and safety, environment, product safety and safety standards in the sector and supporting the development among member organizations, is flourishing day by day.

Acting with an awareness toward economic, environmental and social responsibility in every field of activity and carrying out its activities with the mission of “creating value for all its employees and stakeholders while preserving its current values”, in line with the principle of continuous development which it internalizes, Toros Agri stands out (from its competitors) for the compliance it demonstrates with IFA’s “Industry Stewardship Champion” program. Being the first and only company in Turkey that was awarded IFA’s "Protect & Sustain" certificate in 2018, Toros Agri attained the “Excellence” status in 2019 and was selected the “Industry Stewardship Champion” by IFA the same year. Toros Agri has repeated this achievement in 2020 and was selected the “Industry Stewardship Champion” for the second time.

Burcu Türkeş: “We preserved our title owing to our sustained performance!”

Burcu Türkeş, the Director of Corporate Sustainability and Governance at Toros Agri, stated that they take pride in being awarded by IFA for the second time, and that this award is a result of the inclusive dialogue with stakeholders, carried out inside and outside the company, social investment programs focused on creating a long-term social impact and their sustained performance with measurable effects. Türkeş also stated that the regional agriculture support practices of Academy of Toros Farmers/Toros Farmers’ Academy and Technical Digital Marketing teams which aim to create a social value, as well as the occupational health and safety, operational risk management, environmental management, business continuity, R&D and innovation, supply chain and product safety practices are considered as an example for other organizations in the sector.

New role at IFA

Due to the successful results the company has achieved on its sustainability journey, Toros Agri was invited by IFA management to (take part in) the Technical & Health, Safety and Environment Committee (Technical & HSE Committee) and the Strategic Advisory Team (SAT) in 2019-2020. The company was also deemed worthy of being invited to/taking part in the Sustainability Working Group, which was recently established within IFA.

Founded under the leadership of Chuck Magro, the Vice President of IFA and the CEO of Nutrien, the new working group focuses on the common solutions of the fertilizer industry, a vital component of global food security, setting its sights at “Stopping Hunger and Malnutrition” on a global basis, it also aims to play an active role in preventing drought and loss of biodiversity, and protecting the environment through sustainable agriculture practices. This new formation will be shaping the sector for its sustainability goals using common sense, while guiding the fertilizer producers on the steps and good practices to be followed for a sustainable future. As it was on the previous assignments, Toros Agri will be represented by the Director of Corporate Sustainability and Governance, Burcu Türkeş, in this new organization.