The Belmont Forum Takes Place in Istanbul, Jointly Hosted by Sabancı University, Toros Agri, and Tekfen Agri

As part of their national and international efforts to ensure agricultural sustainability with the mission of "Sustainable Agriculture for a Sustainable World”, Sabancı University, Toros Agri, and Tekfen Agri hosted the Belmont Forum held in Istanbul on October 20-21, 2022.
On October 20-21, 2022, the Istanbul Policy Center hosted a workshop as part of the Belmont Forum, a consortium of scientific research councils and funding agencies from different countries. Nearly 20 researchers from six countries participated in the meeting, which was hosted by Sabancı University, Toros Agri, and Tekfen Agri. During the workshop, the participants shared various information and indicators obtained from countries’ national meetings that addressed environmental, social, and economic dimensions of agricultural sustainability. In addition, the researchers found the chance to evaluate the differences and similarities of sustainability indicators between countries and discussed the short and long-term business plans for 2023.
The Belmont Forum: What is the Sustainable Agriculture Matrix?
“The Call for Transdisciplinary Research on the Roads to Sustainability”, a Belmont Forum initiative, aims to bring together areas of research regarding environmental and socioeconomic factors, examine sustainable development goals in a holistic way, and promote the implementation of innovative projects. In this direction, the initiative encourages joint projects that conduct interdisciplinary analyses of the sustainable development goals from economic, technological, environmental, climatic, and human development perspectives.

Bahadır Sucu, as the project coordinator, and Didem Tümük, Ali Hikmet Tatarhan, and Ali Yetgin as researchers from Toros Agri; Taner Bozkurt, as the project coordinator, and Dr. Macide Burcu Timur, Mehmet Alper Gökçe, and Mustafa Deniz Hırfanoğlu as researchers from Tekfen Agri take part in the project.